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May 25, 2004


Liz Rios

Hi Lilly
Great synopsis of women's breakfast!


I have a hard time finding guys (on this side of the gender line) who will talk about deeper things, beyond sports gear, hardware, and work.. good to find a few who will go on the road ahead..


Great words. And for those of us for whom these are relatively new thoughts, thank you for being willing to help us find our way.

Lisa C.

Hey Lily,

Great post on the conference! It was a joy to meet you after hearing about you from Bob. Hopefully we can have more time to chat in the future.

Many blessings,


Hi Lilly!
Good to hear your thoughts on this topic. The phrase "go deeper" has been inside my mind for weeks now, and I am so happy for friends men and women who do "go deep" with me on so many topics if sometimes only about hair. But I long for the deeper conversations especially about following God in the ways of Jesus and what he has called me to do.

mary frances

Hey Lilly,
I loved your entry about the breakfast. As I told you last week, I thought that was an incredibly powerful experience. Until that time, I had been struggling silently-feeling so confused-and wanting to just leave the convention. But something happened that just invited conversation, and there was this moment for me of knowing that this was exactly where I needed to be. Just thought I'd throw in my thoughts. Again, I really loved talking with you in Nashville!!!!!

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