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May 24, 2004



Lilly: two thoughs for next year come to mind. 1) How about bringing Jonny Baker and the gang over to help lead us in worship? 2) I love Phyllis Tickle and Lauren Winner, and JoAnn Badley seemed great - are there no women pastors who can speak as general session or seminar speakers? Or are we just not there yet?


hey lilly, thanks for the blogs on this convention - it's interesting to see what's happening
Can't believe, with all the fuss about women, that there are still no women taking mainstage. What's the EC's problem? There are dozens of smart, articulate women who could do that...

see you at greenbelt?


maggi and will...clarification needed...
there were women on the mainstage and leading workshops this year
lauren was a keynote, so was jo ann badley, phyllis tickle was also a part of a mainstage discussion group led by brian m. ...the second mainsession....
a woman from willow creek( who is a youth pastor there) led readings from scripture and did a lot of mc ing, during main sessions! soooo we have progressed a lot from last year! including the amazing emerging women's breakfast! lilly

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