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July 15, 2004



This is a great post. I'm going to say a prayer for my crazy exboyfriend right now.


The healing like layers of an onion. This is a new picture for me. So revealing. As each layer is peeled back you get closer to the core and once you reach the core, all has been removed.
The reminder that forgiveness is instant from God but that our healing is a process is good. Maybe it is like open heart surgery. The outside stitches and staples are the obvious. The intricate fine stitching on the heart itself is unseen. Healing has to happen from the inside out, over time.
Thank you Lilly for your wonderful encouragement on this subject.


Thanks for your words Lilly! You have no idea how much it's helping me.
I want to say something about "the onion"! Whenever I think of the layers that come off us - as though we're being peeled like an onion, I imagine it [the layers] being turned into a beautiful onion soup! It's always helped me - thought I'd share it with you!


Lilly - I have been using the onion metaphor for some time to come to grips with the process of healing from sexual abuse. I will write more of this on my blog.


i too was so shocked and suprised by your ogres and onions metaphor because it's one i use too. i also will be blogging on this. your perspective was wonderful - thank you! i can't wait to meet you lilly! you are just amazing!


I've just written an article on forgiveness - I'd love your feedback. Can I email it to you?

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