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July 26, 2004



oh lilly, my heart leapt when i saw your (2) posts in my bloglines!!!

i do check to see if you are blogging, even your hubby, just in case - because i am madly in love with your voices. i am crazy about you both. not just your blogs - but the 'who' i see flowing out of them.

thank you for sharing your fear with us. and i love the idea of sauteed onions!! you've taken my mind in 12 different directions this afternoon and all of them grateful ones!! welcome back to the blog world, we miss you when you're silent, but totally understand that things like work and laundry are necessary. (sorely neglected in my world at the moment - but i'm encouraged that others would rather blog than clean too!)

have a wonderful day!


Lilly - so glad to see you're "back". I've been coming over to see some new writing from you and then this morning...there's two! It's good to have you back.
I love this post of yours! Perhaps because I'm presently busy dealing with the same fears and worries.
Last night my husband was trying to convince me to let go of my fears and the lies that I so cling to. I realized that I find safety in the fear. Sounds crazy, but it's true. I feel I need to always be prepared for the worst that could happen.
I'm getting a bit carried away...will blog on it at some point! Just wanted to agree with's good to have you back!!

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