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July 07, 2004


Michael Toy

always great to hear from you, good post.

kentucky: as long as you are still within the "skyline chili radius" i will allow the move to happen.

homeschooling: it is a very mixed blessing. i always counsel people against it unless they really know it is what they want.

dreaming: when you stop dreaming, it's time to go home. maybe our dreams get smaller as we realize that we will not be able to change the whole world, but they don't become less beautiful as they shrink.

doug pagitt

Lilly, I would have loved to see you and rob at the concert - michon is now playing sounds of silence as part of her piano lessons, so it is running through my head constantly.

Hope you are well and the move sounds like a good thing, and who knows maybe the home schooling is like Jesus in the dessert - a place of tempting, refining and preparation all at the same time.


Wow - what a great adventure! Can you imagine if your life was all about doing some boring nine to five thing? I will keep you in my prayers as you look for God's open doors.


So good to hear from you again Lilly!

So much going on for you. Is it clutter to keep you from the dream or it is bringing the clarity that the dream is still the goal to shoot for?

Resting is a good thing. Glad you took some time for this.

Dana Ames

In her latest post, Rachelle at thursdaypm cites a comment in her archives. It's relevant to your questions. It may not make your decisions easier, but it may give you something.



Transitions are so crazy but yet so exciting, aren't they? Back to teaching, running for the border (KY)... the exciting part of it is that you are OPEN and WILLING... You go, girl!!

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