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September 26, 2004



wow lily, thank you for putting that 'on paper' - i know how hard that truly is.

my liam has admitted this too this past summer. it is a difficult recovery process because it's so tied into who we are.

i purchased a couple of books for him on amazon, and one of them i mistakenly thought would work, it's actually written for women, so if you'd like it i'd love to mail it to you. it's called 'when work doesn't work anymore' by elizabeth perle mckenna. it's been sitting on my shelf waiting for someone to claim it. i know it's for someone, maybe you?

email me with your address if you'd like it. i see fil's book in your sideline and have heard him speak on his struggle, liam is reading through that book now.

you'll be in my prayers as you navigate this journey. i know that 'a gentle path through the 12 steps' has been life changing for me in helping me with my addictions. again, thanks for your bravery and example, i am really grateful.

jen lemen

i hear you, lil. i have it in my blood, too. though it seems to go dormant at times much to my family's delight. i really love being busy and wish everyone would be my servant to clean up all the messes i leave in my wake. sigh.

much love to you and i'd like to hear more about the finger labyrinth. i bet it would translate for me. where can i get one?

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