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September 03, 2004



Praying for you girl!! Cant wait to catch up with you when you get back! I am living in through you - thanx for your posts!!

jen lemen

so glad to hear your report. this is very exciting!


Wow - exciting stuff!!

Rob Lewin

Got your messages. Called jonny at midnite. Call me anytime on saturday. Apprentice went well. Tomorrow(today) is part two. Have fun in london. We miss Mr. Lucious too. Chris comes by every morning for a breif seizure before we leave for 7hills even though H isn't here! Fred says hi! Bathroom starts Tues! yipee!
Come back mello, it's really calm here.



I've been praying that God opens up all your creative receptors...that your spirit is calm enough to soak it all in...can't wait for your return, a hot cupa soy goodness and an unveiling of all the stories! Better fill that digital camera up! BTW, talked to a skinny Carin and she wants us to do a sacred space early December in the chapel at VCC. Luke 4 passage. LOTS of room, LOTS of hungry people! WOOT!

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