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October 22, 2004



i am so tracking with you lilly. i want to be past this too.

i'm tired of hearing really sincere people say 'if HE wins i don't even know if i can pray for HIM' this is going to divide our country big time. or at least emphasize our division.

i had to renew my photo license this year and i was given a chance to change my party. i went from a republican to an independent. i want to live in a propoganda free zone. (although from what you said about being a target for all of the phone calls and knocks on your door i'm not sure i've made the right decision!) :)

i'm heading to vancouver on the 3rd and will be relieved to be out of the loop while all of the recounts and horrorible division is going on.

living in cananda for 10 years helped broaden my understanding of what it's like to view america from the outside. i hated it at the time, but watching all of this i really think i'd go back now with a much better attitude.

how 'bout we start a commune? or go join tsk at his orkney island monastery??

it's been the first time in my life that i've ever been open to hearing the 'call' outside of north america. although our government's behavior is making their lives (missionaries) much more difficult because of their foreign policy...

god bless the world!


I hear ya. I would not mind God replanting me in Mexico again. It changed me... the way I looked at time- how I never looked at my watch anymore because its just not a priority for Mexicans...the value of 8:00 dinner of just sitting down and talking, everyone together...the value of the unvalued ones-treasuring people who cooked and cleaned for you yet provided the most interesting perspectives on life...

I love America, and I am not afraid to take a stand for her, but my heart breaks for her, and I can only fall to my knees, beg for forgiveness for my people and ask God to heal my land...

Mike Morrell

Yes sister. I too have been feeling quite expatriate-ish since around 2002...and my cool Christian friends (like the ones found at )haven't been helping! Really, it is helpful to know that churches like the Anabaptists and Friends (Quakers) have been developing theologies of compassionate resistance for centuries now. We need to tap into these resources the Lord has given his Body, post-haste.

Ryan Shuping

Hey Lilly, my name is Ryan Shuping and Mike Morrell directed me to you for some questions I have. I live in Douglasville, GA (same as Mike) and I ended up meeting up with him for lunch as a result of finding him through an Atlanta-based newspaper doing an article on him. Crazy thing was, we lived in the same town. "church" journey has been dissatisfying overall. As a kid, I sensed shallowness. I received Christ--or he received me--at age 11. Began to enjoy church, and as a college student interning at mainstream southern baptist church's I hit a peak of hopefulness for the potential of this structure actually working. I served in Myrtle Beach as a part time high school pastor at my favorite church so far; it was more seeker-sensitive and most (80-90%) of the congregation was filled with de-churched or non-churched people. I left this job and am now a full-time pastor of 10th-12th grade students and serve with another youth pastor who is over 7th-9th grade students. Over the last 6 months I have read a lot on emerging church principles and ideas and am sensing a hope for change in the long run on how I will be willing to be the church and not fall into "going to church". But for right now the context God has blessed me with (and I really do see it as a blessing) is a traditional Southern Baptist group of believers.
So....I hope that kinda gives some substance to how I've been shaped by the "church" culture. My question is about a worship "service" we are starting for youth in January. Now I am in a Southern Baptist Church so I am limited. I think I have started everything off in the right foot by explaining and naming it a worship gathering. I have told people to not expect to be a spectator but a participator. (Most of my influence in all this is from Dan Kimball's book emerging worship and Tony Jones Postmodern Youth Ministry.) Anyhow, all that to say I wanted to get some ideas you may have for creative ways to do a youth focused worship gathering.
I didn't mean to overwhelm you with all that info, but I didn't want to seem as a pop-up window on your internet asking a vague, straight shot yes-no answer. Being new to all the concepts of the emerging church my mind is racing trying to catch up with the potential the church (people) now has.
Ryan Shuping


I'm with you on this these thoughts, girl. Lighting the candle as I type and praying for love and sharing acorss the country. love you, too!


Thanks for the call - this is a candle I can light from my heart. I've been an independant since I could register. This election, the money spent on BS, is heartbreaking. Heartbreaking. I too, am sad for the things we choose to value. Things.

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