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October 28, 2004


Dana Ames

Sending you a "virtual" hug, Lilly- *0*



oh lilly, i'm so moved by your 'elijah' analogy. if you can, get to NYWC in atlanta, if only for the critical concern - silence and solitude with ruth haley barton. she uses the whole elijah story to illustrate this very thing - moving to silence, meeting with god, etc.

if you can't go, her new book is the basis for the CC - really good.

also - liam is finding 'the artist's way at work - riding the dragon' by julia cameron, mark bryan & catherine allen really helpful in engaging him in a creative way to slow down. i thought of you when he processed some of how this has been helping him.

also - tammy jo and i are talking about getting together - wanna join us?? i think we're close enough to triangulate a place where it's not far of a drive for any of us?? just a thought.

you are in my prayers lilly - i'm sorry it's hard, but it will be so worth it to regain your life back. i'm so proud of you!


you're going to make it!

also, hope this doesn't wind up being a downer question, but now that you've quit, do you get to keep the Mac?

just curious....

much love to ya lill!

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