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November 30, 2004



hey lil, i think it's 'just stop swimming, just stop swimming, just stop swimming, swimming, swimming' :)

just remember you are choosing life lilly! i'm so proud of you. walking away from that which keeps us in leg irons is life. i've termed mine 'egypt' - every time i want the quick easy answers of my past i just remember that it was slavery. it was not life.

happy advent to you too!



Don't know anything about you, but from what I gather you work in the youth ministry and are leaving for the next phase of your life that God has planned. Well I am a youth director/college student and when I graduate in May I will be in your shoes. I am scared, yet anxious, frightened, yet excited. What God has planned I have no idea, but I guess it comes down to you must continue to have Faith. Make sure God is under the bridge to catch you and then take a leap of faith...such is life. Keep swimming.

randy buist

it was good connecting with you while in michigan. may you sense the Spirit's presence during your transition away from Christ church.


Lilly's back! (doing a little happy dance) Say the word and I'll show up with boxes to help you fish through all the CCG stuff... How very cool to walk with you in this phase of your life. Thanks for chosing the way of integrity.

JoAnna Kelleher

You are in my prayers

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