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February 20, 2005


bob c

sign me up, lilly !


oh lilly, this took my breath away - it's beautiful, visionary and so right. liam and i have been dreaming similar dreams, but sure there is no way for them to come true and us to be able to afford to eat and clothe our children through the working out of those dreams. how do you get from a to b to c?? it sounds amazing lil, i am definately interested.


Not able to offer alot from this distance, but what a vision...I can and will pray, that's for sure.

holly rankin zaher

hmmm...we need to chat more. can jim and me join you with the el?

the holly

soupablog paul

very interested. maybe i can help remotely somehow.


great stuff... and i have told you before about blogging in bed! reminds me of a certain conversation in nashville :-)


if "all ya'll" could be a part of this, what a team we'd have! let's pray about what jesus might want to do with this and if you guys know anyone with deep pockets and great vision...let me know! lilly

Tim Conder

I love it. Duck and the Outer Banks are such a special place to me as well. I would love to hear how this develops and help if possible!


You KNOW I am game! (After I get back from Spain, of course!) Such growth, such opportunity...I get chills just thinking about it!

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