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February 22, 2005



This movie is getting much attention. Sadly I must admit that it has taken a movie to draw my attention to something that was on the nightly news 10 years ago, but I flipped the channel.

Only in America does it take a movie to draw our attention to something our remote controls help us avoid.


susie albert miller

this movie is a profound invitation to looking beyond ourselves, our limited scope of focus and realizing that there is such a larger story... i was convicted at my narrow focus and challenged to review and reevaluate my own chosen ignorance. (see my post, hotel rwanda, not so proud to be an american...)
thanks for reminder of how to be present to the current realtities of the world in the here and now and not wait for another is so easy to get caught up in my small world...
i hope the movie gets more than just an oscar nod.
~shalom, susie


this movie was a sad movie seeing how the tusi were treated. it was really sad. but i was happy that one fellow man was willing to help those pepole by making them stay in the hotel.

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