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March 07, 2005



I wish I could go... but alas it is too expensive and during the work week. BUT - Julie Gross from VC is going and would love it you two could hook up. -


Oh and another friend is going - Eric Herron - another cool person to connect with.

someone really should be podcasting the event...

Bob C

I so wish I was going - sounds like it will be just wonderful !

Here are the aspects of celtic stuff that strike me as having significant application for emerging forms of worship & formation:

context is very much the same in urban areas: nomadic, warrior, heroic,tribal, hierarchical and aristocratic society

no boundaries between the sacred and the secular

greater equality for women

incarnational approach to adaptive discipleship & evangelism

a mandate for hospitality

sense of God and the saints as a continuing, personal, helpful presence.
theologically orthodox, yet with heavy emphasis on the Trinity, and a love and respect for Mary, the Incarnation of Christ, and Liturgy

religious practice characterized by a love for tough penitential acts, vigils, self-exile, pilgrimages, and resorting to holy wells, mountains, caves, ancient monastic sites, and other sacred locations.

brian wolthuis

Lilly...I must say that 4 years ago when I read G. really impacted my wife and I. I don't remember many apecifics, but the living alongside...Has stuck. Plopping ourselves in the midst of the ones we are called to love...that we are doing.



I'm going - and I'd love to share a hotel room. With a WOMAN, I mean. If possible.
If anyone has any suggestions, drop me a note.

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