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April 27, 2005



lilly, i'll take a shot at your 3rd question...
church vacations aren't allowed (at least in the evangelistic modern/nonemergent megachurch world- my tradition) because of fear of "neglecting to meet together w/ other believers." some may also, perhaps, fear losing a church member.(gasp!)


Oh, it would be so wonderful if the idea of a "church vacation" caught on. Wider horizons are very hard to achieve in these parts, istm. Maybe I'll blog more..
Meanwhile, definitely think that Hudson should get together with my Jack; similar over-exposure to church for both guys, with comparable results. How's your ebaying going? I think you ought to do Greenbelt again!


I live on my own and I used to hate Sundays. I'd go to church, and then what? Well of course for most Sunday was "family day" which is great if you are in a family but pig awful if you're not: lonely, boring and oh so long.

So I ended up doing some work, but I'd try not to because I needed a sabbath break, but I had nothing else to do so I ...

In the end I didn't relax and I didn't do any useful work!

So I started going sailing. Six hours every Sunday when I can not think about work (I'm an academic): it is so refreshing.

And I'm quite blunt about it: sailing takes priority over church most sundays. I keep faith with Daren's passage from Hebrews by being a member of a cell group midweek.

So, for a church vacation go sailing! Feel the metaphor and the reality of the wind blowing. Learn how to work with the wind, on the edge, rather than control things, talk and discuss so as to improve..

actually sounds a bit like a lived church really :-)


lil...i've felt swindoled by the church on a couple of different occasions, so sometimes i wonder what it is that makes me want to work in it. i think that in my core, God has linked me with his body and there is no escaping it. what is community...what is escape? do they go together? more questions instead of answers, but that's all i have...



thank you for your thoughts on this - i've been there and have taken a church vacation - i felt like my spirit needed it, i was feeling so hurt and horrible every time i went to church, i have found in my silent reflections, my time reading, that i have expierenced god in a very new and powerful way....


Great post, lil!

In thinking about question #1 -- we should help people see that they are not alone in their need to break away from the organized church. A terrific book in this area is "A Churchless Faith" by Alan Jamieson. The book isn't just descriptive, it's fairly prescriptive as well.

In thinking about question #2 -- my thoughts are rather paradoxical: we need to dump a lot of "business" that characterizes what church has become and learn to practice biblical rest better, but we also need to divest ourselves of our overly individualistic, self-pleasing, self-validating practices and learn to make biblical community a much higher priority in our lives and practice.

In thinking about question #3 -- how about taking vacations from church together? Lots of folks take ordinary vacations together. How about taking vacations from church "together?" Do it while maintaining a sense of community. Go check out some far corner of God's greater kingdom "together." And perhaps even bring those group findings back to their church. Who knows... maybe it would become like new wineskins!

Why don't we send people on church vacations? I don't know. But looking at it from the other side for a moment, I wonder if our inflated sense of individualism might negatively impact such happenings. Is it possible that such a vacation would scratch us where we shouldn't be itching?


I've been very influenced by the writings of Alan Jamieson. My web site gives some links to other writers.

I'm nearly 70 and I've only now reached the point where I feel able to share the gospel message (primariy with older people) but I'd be interested in any feedback that anyone would be willing to give.

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