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April 19, 2005



Lovely to hear your enthusiasm across the made me feel like the first day of Greenbelt. Hope it all continues wonderful and is a huge blessing to everyone there,- and then to your sending communities.


ok now i am jealous ... you both get to be together in the USA ... not fair not fair ... have a great time maggi ... and lilly my best tip is that if maggi ever looks a little ruffled just stick a G&T in her hand and she mellows out just fine ... well it always works for me :) ... see you both sometime soon ... love n hugs steve

the holly

keep posting! wish i could be there!

say hi to the trinity contingent: kris opat, deb leighton, and bill starke. great to see your hubby last weekend!


bob c

thanks be to god for live bloggers !


bob opposed to????? :-)

But I couldn't agree more,'s lovely to get a feel of all that is happening.

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