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May 23, 2005



great meeting you, glad you got to hang out with eric, he's awesome. for your enjoyment, a pic of lilly on pbs.


Lilly, you are the Edward Scissorhands of worship.


susie albert miller

spending time with you was a highlight of the ec for me. the prayer stations were awesome and i have already shared them with our worship director! you have a unique gift and i can't wait for the book!

Existential Punk

Lilly, it was so great to meet you. i am glad to hear cool things are going on in my home town of Cincy! Please stay in touch!BTW, hope you are enjoying jury duty! Pax, Adele


hey lilly...glad you're getting settled in, even if it is in a hard wooden chair in a jury box. this whole father/husband dual role thing is rather perplexing sometimes, on top of a new position at a new church...pray for me and cyndi. all is well, it could just be a little more well rested, if you know what i mean.
i really missed all of you this year, and then i heard it was the last long, goodbye old friends...if not sooner, may we meet in the sky freshly cracked not a moment too soon!


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