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May 15, 2005


Jim Henderson


Hey as you know I am doing an interview with "3Lost People" in Nashville next Wednesday . Problem is - so far I only have 1 lost person lined up. Rachelle reminded me that you had connections in Nashville. Can you help me find a couple of interesting but not angry non Christians who have had someone try and "save them" at least once in their life. Preferrably under 30. I already have a gay woman who is 36 I think who is very articulate and will wow em but I need at least 2 more people. Can you help. My phone is 206 383 9078. I will try and call you today as well
Jim ( off the map) Henderson

Russell Smith

A fine poem celebrating Pentecost. Our church just had a great Pentecost celebration, and I'll be linking my blog to your poem. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Russell Smith

susie albert miller

...restoring the years the locusts have eaten...oh, to be part of the Holy Breaths work in that arena! and to bear witness to its truth in my own life!
beautiful poem lilly...looking forward to meeting face to face in Nashville;)

paul soupiset

Lilly. A great post. And a great photo.

Send me some photos for your blog header :)



thank you for writing so meaningfully and honestly about Pentecost ... a terrific witness to truth.


I still want to be able to mysteriously speak the languages of my neighbors...I have so much to learn. I miss you and can't wait to hear all about your adventures!


Glad to have met you and (more accurately) your husband here at the EC. All the best to you.


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