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May 31, 2005


Russell Smith

I've really enjoyed your posts since I discovered your blog through Aaron -- One thought though- I'm not convinced that "western" christianity is out of touch with the everydayness of life. Indeed, I believe the out of touchness came with the revivalism that swept through the latter half of the 19th century. Prior to that time, the Puritan writers and their heirs had a wonderful in touchness with earthy reality. George marsden's biography shows Jonathan Edwards to be magnificently in touch with the natural world and the world of everyday life. Lyman Beecher and his progeny, as well. As I've been reading puritan writers such as Richard Baxter and Thomas Watson, I find that they recongnize the Christian life is worked out in day to day living.

Thanks for your thoughtful insights -- you make me think.

Russell Smith

Mike Morrell

Compelling synthesis, Lilly! I wish I could have joined everyone in Nashville this year, but your reflections invite me to share the experience nonetheless...I'll have to check out Frost and Hirsch's book.

Mark Berry

Hi Lilly, thanks for your comments on my Blog - not sure I've every been called wise before ;-) Hirsch and Frost is a real foundational text for much of the emerging/missional church conversation here in the UK and they don't seem to be attacked with as much venom as Brian MaC, Stanley Grenz et al... yet what they say is just as radical and has real resonance to those of use who recognise that post-modernity is not a choice (an ideology) but a context (the culture)and that Mission has to be the very heart of Chuch, not a committee or an activity... Combine H&F with Vincent Donovan, David Bosch and I recommend Stuart Murray-Williams to give a second opinion from "without" the Emergent Village. Though praise God for the courage, depth and challenge of the Emergent US team!

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