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July 19, 2005


Micah Girl

I, too, LOVED the Witch of Blackbird Pond growing up, as well as a book called the Velvet Room by (I think) Zilpha Keatley Snyder, but have not been able to find it anywhere! And of course I loved Jane Eyre as Mr. Rochester was always one of my fantasy men--strong, intellectual and tender underneath.

Andrew SEely

I really should have emailed you or called you when you were in SD meeting with YS people but I had a few cool ideas for worship stations. I'd love to share them with ya. Send me an email or give me a call. 818 800 1890.

I'm looking forward to hanging out in Sac this fall.

Russell Smith

I finished Harry Potter 6 on Monday morning at 3:30 am. What a read!

I'm a huge Narnia fan, Tolkien Fan, and fan of just about anything else I can pick up.

Indeed, you've inspired me to make my next blog post about what's scattered about my reading environs.



also a book-aholic, but even more a read-aholic... confessing to reading harry potter 6 in a day. just couldn't put it down!
my oldest daughter did what your son did... we have out grown the midnight HP partie at barnes & noble, so she ordered oone in a dvance and it arrived first thing sat morning!

i remember being buried in the little house series, each time i would get a new book, and i loved the witch of blackbird pond;)

happy vacationing


Sonny Elephant. I just remembered this book last night watching a PBS special. I could see the black cover in my mind and remember Sonny eating his favorite sweet rice balls.My grandmother had this book. I wish I could find a copy of it again and read it. Funny, people throw away children's books thinking they will never be read as the child grows up. Maybe a sign of society's not thinking much worth of childhood? On to more mature and what? better things? Anyway after watching PBS special on Asian Elephants with Meg Ryan as host I just had this ephiphany and remembered. This was the closest entry on web that might come close to the Sonny Elephant book I knew and loved as a child. Anyone know of a copy??


So excited that someone else 'out there' remembers Sonny the Elephant. That was my very favorite book when I was in 4th grade when my teacher would read it to us! That would have been in the late forties! If there is anyone out there who has this book, wouldn't it be wonderful to go back to innocent times. Maybe they have it on EBay?

Donna Pope

I also love Sonny Elephant because of a teacher in Olney, IL reading it to us. I found a copy on ebay last year and I will always treasure it.


What fun! Sonny Elephant was my very favorite book and my teacher used to read in our class too .. 4th grade in Chicago! It's such a great connection sharing my favorite book with someone from the past. I'm going to order a copy right now! Thanks so much for the smiles

Carol Schafer

I have a copy of Sonny Elephant, which I purchased at Ms Fletcher's sale in Olney, IL. She gave generations of children a love of good books! Her summer story hours were amazing! Let me know if you cannot find a copy.
Carol Vaughn Schafer

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