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August 17, 2005



hey lilly - we're volunteering on a-team for pitt - but we can get you geneva college students if you'd like them?? liam and i will help with anything that doesn't take us away from our already stated duties.

i truly pray we get to experience some of this between our responsibilities - it's just great we get to be there. it really would have left a huge hole in our calendar not to be able to attend.

let me know how many you need and i will do my best to arrange it.

Andrew Seely

You can count me in friend. I'm looking forward to being there. I still have to convince my pastor to let me go. Pray for that.


lilly, i'll volunteer some of your new nashville friends, the two or three of us that there are. as always, i like to volunteer eric, but he's been getting more and more gigs lately, bummer for me, good for him.

Eric Coomer

Lilly, I'll be there the whole week! Let me know what I can do.


I can't travel, but I'd be honored to be on your creative home team...

Jonathon Norman

I'd definitely be willing to help out with this. Please keep me in mind. 615-586-2293.


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