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August 14, 2005



FINALLY!! The best part is that you can now being to have closure, knowing that your munchkins are in very good, capable hands. I can't wait to meet him!


thanks for the message
we will miss you guys at greenbelt as well ... i haven't won the lottery but if i do in the next couple of weeks i will pay for your ticket to fly you all over (actually i wouldn't go making any plans around that) ... spare a prayer for us all over that weekend we have a licence for over 20,000 people and a bigger site with new layout so every aspect is gonna be bigger and more work ... congrats to mac on passing his driving test ... try and convince mac that only one boy child per family is allowed to take the test ... keep us all safe keep hudson off the roads :) ... love to all ... steve


Thanks for the wonderful welcome and for all of the kind words Lilly. If anything that you said about us is true, it has a lot to do with the fact that you have been in our lives. Your ministry at CCG not only changed (and continues to change) the lives of the youth that you worked with, but lots of us "big folk" too.

It's great to be home...thanks for everything!

Grace and Peace,

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