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October 18, 2005



Great pix! Great pix of the pack up as well! In Sac,I was too busy packing up to think about those pix! :)

the holly good to see you! even if we didn't catch coffee. you are the best!


Dan Roth

Hey, Lilly!

It was great to meet you at NYWC! I'm so glad when I asked Alex who could use some help tearing down, he sent me your direction.

Lots of good experiences, even if the Shrink Wrap Guild never did show up before I was let loose.

Our worship committee (yeah, we have a committee), is meeting next week. The prime topic will be what our worship services will look like in the future, including how to best serve populations which are generations removed in worship styles. Much of what you shared will be shared in that meeting.

Enjoy Nashville, Emergent, your retreat, and everything else that life brings you down the road. And, if you ever need a new massage therapist ever stops working for you, be sure to check out Sandy Brock at

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