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November 13, 2005


Matt Warren


What a photo! It looks an awful lot like the church I took you to!

I hope you are doing well. Sorry for how long it has taken me to get in touch with you. I was wondering what your home address is so we can send you a thank you card and a honorarium for your time.

Hope all is well.



the other night, a group of dancers from our church was performing at a local shopping mall. i almost cried at the thought that in the midst of all the commercialism and stuff, Jesus really was being remembered, honored, and worshipped...

sorry i missed saturday. i was out of town... i really would like to come sometime. :)


Glad that it was a good meet Lilly...I promise to make the next one. This go around it was just important to be at home for a day and do some of those things that never get done...the stress level went way down afterward! Still...I know that I missed out!

Blessed Advent to all!

Grace and Peace,

Randy Willis

Thanks for posting info and thoughts on advent.

Recently I was thinking ahead toward advent and I wondered if you'd have some good ideas.

Looks like you do. :-)

Thanks again.

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