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November 13, 2005



Can't wait! I am really impressed with the way that YS has continued to offer diverse ways to connect w/God in the midst of such a busy event. I noticed that they are even offering a Roman Catholic Mass each day! Very, cool. See you there!

Grace and Peace,


i think you just highlighted everything that i was planning on taking a part of. sweet to know jj is doing the evening prayers, i suppose you left off mark yac from your list, i'll be taking in some contemplative stuff too.... when i'm not working for lilly.. &:~)

Chaya Martini

Lilly, we met at the blogger's lunch last year at the Emergent San Diego convention. We didn't have a personal conversation or anything so I know you won't remember me. But I have kept up with your blog and really appreciated your thoughts, honesty, and beautiful pictures. One of my biggest passions in my life is creating sacred spaces for high school/college students to meet with God in different ways, and I really have loved reading about the journey you have been on in doing just that in different places all over the country. So...I thought I would get some guts this time and tell you...thanks. You really have mentored me in creative worship and I am grateful. Blessings...we are praying for you.


Praying for you guys I wish we cna be there...peace of Christ.

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