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November 18, 2005


Jonathon Norman

i had a lot of fun. i know the weekend will be great. i hope to see ya monday morning.



late night thoughts: i'm working up some pics from today. i'm just glad someone laughs at my jokes. can more people not know where they are going? today was fun, i hope what we've created is a blessing to many.

oh, i'll be calling for the target run, your job is lillies.


praying for ya'll as you finish set up and welcome this huge amount of youth workers!

wish we were there!


Thinking and praying for all of you! Wish I were there to see it all...again! :)


Great job so far! When I saw the prayer cave tonight, I thought, "how creative, I wonder who came up with that?"

I am really pumped, everything has been so good.


great to have finally met you today in the lobby. love the blog!


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