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December 21, 2005



Oh my goodness! I broke my sister's toes in much the same fashion when we about that age. Just think of the stories they'll tell when they are 80 about those scars on Mac's fingers.Many, many prayers for your family that the rest of your Christmas Vacation is safe and healthy.

Andrew Seely

God you are the healer and provider. This season is meant to remind us of how you came in rushed, hurried, less than optimal conditions, thank you for being a God who understands how things don't always go as planned.
Hold and keep the Lewin family close these next few weeks. Let them bask in joy and love as they are reminded how much you love them as individuals and as a family.


Wow! What a tale they will tell in 15-20 years! I remember the time when my sister and I were riding each other's bikes and she lost her footing on my metal pedals (oh yeah, she had no shoes on) and almost cut off the little toe on her right foot. We laugh about it now, but it was extremely traumatic when it happened.

My prayers are with your whole family as this event only adds more drama to an already dramatic season. God Bless.

Mike Lamson


My heart was skipping beats! Our prayers are with you. Never a dull moment with boys, right?


Oh scary (the worst mine have done to each other so far was when Luci pushed Giles off our bed and chipped his elbow...being a horrible and unfeeling mother I refused to believe for hours that there was anything really wrong...the shame, the shame!)but could surely have been worse. Lots of prayers for healing, for calm and for space to celebrate Christmas as you'd wish to.
Take care xx


Will pray. Let us know how's he's doing.

Bald Man

Do you guys know how to have a good time or what? Praying for healing and trust.

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