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January 08, 2006



i guess it's too late for the bengals. so for now, i'll keep poor mac in thoughts and prayers. maybe mac can hang with carson palmer?

JoAnna Kelleher

My heart goes out to you and certainly to Mac. It can be devastating to lose use of such a critical thing as a hand, especially our more dextrous hand. To have a child facing this challenge can be frustrating. You want so much to find a way to make it all better..NOW!

I believe that all of us, at some point in our life face situations that shatter our dreams, whether it be a physical injury, a catastrophic disease, addiction, natural disasters, terrorism, abuse, etc. We have all been deeply wounded by this world.

One of the phrases that has stuck with me through 10 years of recovery from alcoholism, is "For reasons not yet apparent, you are exactly where you are supposed to be." This doesn't mean that the disaster we have faced is some Divine punishment. Rather, it means that the situation we NOW face focusing on the present)contains within it powerful lessons that we need to learn.

Be willing to see things differently. Open yourself to possibilities. Trust the process. And in the meantime, please know that my prayers and love are going out to you, your son and your entire family.

JoAnna Kelleher

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