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February 04, 2006


Andrew Seely

Wow!!! Sounds wonderful.
Got to find me one of those around here. I'm dying for some seclusion and solitude. Not to mention trying the discipline of silence.

Glad to share in your experiences.


thanks for sharing this. as a fellow extrovert, i'm continually surprised how much i've come to cherish the silence in the last two years. while it's weird not to talk to people, the silence is wonderful and feels very freeing.


you got a way better snowfall than i did!

wanna compare pics? &:~D


Lilly--some of the best friends I have ever met were at gerhsemani and it is because I talked in the appropriate places. As one of my new found friends of 8 years ago said, "the first 5 years I went I never spoke, then I met the baptist." Or father louie once said, "oh no, the baptist are coming. I talk too much when they are there."

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