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April 14, 2006


Julett M. Broadnax

I have been trying to obtain a copy of this painting for some time - with no success.
Could you please let me know how I can get a copy of this print?



Marianne Powers

Would love to get a copy of this picture

Sandra Cooper

I have yet to have any luck getting my hands on a copy of this's like the Susan B. Anthony coin. When there is a woman on it, it seems to disappear!

david sanchez

I would like to know where I may buy a copy of this painting. It is a most wonderful painting of the last supper. E-mail me please.


August Misiurewicz

It appears that there are many others interested in this painting and all of us want copies. I would also like to know where the original is today and where Bohdan lives

Martha Morales

I am form a far country from Poland, from El Salvador, and really would love to get a copy of this painting, for me is the most realistic interpretation of what that unique and divine supper would have can I do it please let me know


Any idea where I could purchase a print of Bohdan's Last Supper and Pentecost? They seem very difficult to find.

Eileen White

Where could I find a copy of the beautiful "Last Supper" by Bohdan Piasecki Please?
Thank you ,Eileen

Marc Delogne

Indeed, not easy to get copy of that beautiful painting, strongly representative of the atmosphere we would like create at home.
Where I could get it ?? plse, let me know... would be grateful...
Lover, from Brussels-Belgium.

John Carroll

I would like a copy of Bohdan Piasecki's Last Supper or where to buy it my e-mail is

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