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September 28, 2006



Thank you for your prayer. May we never forget to care for, love and pray for students, both those God has entrusted to us as the church, as well as though who have not yet taken the hand of Jesus.

Last night with our youth group we had all the students break up into their school groups to pray together; to pray for fellow students, teachers, staff, to pray that God would use them to draw others on their campuses into the kindgome of God.

May we never cease to pray.


I am praying with you.

Front Porch
Columbus, OH

Steve Bogner

Paying attention to our kids - that makes a lot of difference, and it takes time. In all our busy-ness, this seems to easily get lost. But it seems to me to be one of the most important things a parent can do on a daily basis.

In the practice of Ignatian spirituality there's a daily examen - examining our day, putting some perspective to it, and learning from our mistakes and successes. Maybe parents can add to that examen, by reflecting on 'paying attention' to the children they have been blessed with. That sort of self-awareness could be a good starting point.


This was spot on, Lilly. My garden backs onto the local primary school field, with the secondary school right behind it, and I'm so aware of the youngsters who come out of school at all hours of the day and are causing alarm (and sometimes doing drugs) at the nearby park. And this is in a very affluent, rather smug suburb which would like to assume it hasn't a problem in the world, but has put in "dispersal orders" to prevent the young from hanging out with their friends at the shopping precinct...
So, after last night's youth group, where I discoverd that over achiever number 1 has been cutting herself again, to come home to read this was perfect. Lots to pray about,- and that prayer is just the framework I needed.

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