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September 26, 2006



Well, it's lovely to see you whenever....and I sympathise hugely as my psion organiser (too old to talk to my computer, so backup not possible) died suddenly and tragically last week, and with it any hints I might have had as to where I ought to be for the next 6 weeks or so. I did know that I depart for India on 1st November...but before that, who knows!
So, lots of sympathetic prayers for patience and a happy brain from henceforth even for evermore.

Dave King

Dave's first Rule of Computing: Always make a Back Up!

Rule 2: Everyone learns the rules the hard way, see Rule 1.

- Peace


hey, lil - have just spent an amazing amount of my summer research period reading, filing and re-storing material from floppy discs - so much stuff you cannot believe. I am a back-up maniac, with at least 3 copies of everything, and it probably leads to just as much overtaxing work as being a backup failure... hope that's a comfort...

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