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November 17, 2006


Father Andrew Gentry

It is good to see such a site for those of us who are Celtic folke. The great season of Advent is upon us and centering on the Incarnation makes the consumerism of the secular madness what I call "Capitolmas" completely irrelevant. I am a member of a very small contemporary celtic community known as the Celtic Companion of All Saints headquarted in the UK. We use the "Celtic Daily Prayer" of the Northumbria Community which I would recommend to anyone interested in Celtic Christian spirituality. I pray you God's riches Blessings and the Prayers of the Blessed Mother and ALl the Saints and Holy Angels. Sincerely, Father Andrew Gentry

Cindy Sims

faithworthy sabazios duma thriftbox nemertine reediemadeasy iconographist seminarist
PopMatters: Endless Days




Wasjust serfing on net and found this site...want to say thanks. Great site and content!


Somehow time I climbed on is not present and, asking questions, found interesting and not so interesting answers. One of which was - « FailureAccident on the Chernobyl atomic power station, 4 power unit ». I became interesting and thumbing through sites was simply horrified. One I the fellow worker, in the past the meter man, has told about the friend which was the liquidator of consequences of this failureaccident, the truth or not I do not know. But spoke that - « firemen which extinguished a fire there, by turns washed in a showersoul groups, and muzhiks because of an irradiation were shone in darkness, but to live ithim remains few hours ».


You can be lucky!!!

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