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January 23, 2007



Found your website as a link from another website with photos of the Abbey.
I just got back from the weekend retreat yesterday. It was my first time and was one of the best weekends of my life.
As someone who spent quite a bit of time with my camera there also, I just wanted to comment to say I enjoyed your photos immensely. The Abbey in the snow were particularly beautiful. I had actually hoped for snow on Sunday, but it rained instead.
If you are interested here are my pictures
Thanks for posting!


Thank you Lilly.So many of your discoveries there spoke to me. Trying to believe that we won't miss the blessing is a hard one, isn't it? and as for silence. I'm trying to build in a monthly quiet day this year, but already I can see it being squeezed, and am wondering, in any case, how long it will take me to become quiet enough to hear...x


i can't remember if it were merton or nouwen who when speaking on silence said that it wasn't about being quiet, but making space for God. one can talk as long as they are respectful of the space one is keeping.

i wonder what folks who go to the abbey and sit in the lobby area talking all the time get out of the retreat, i suppose it is something. admittedly, when i was there last year i was starved for some conversation by thursday that i chatted up two guys smoking on the back porch. a rather odd conversation with two rather odd individuals if i do say so. i'd probably had done better just sticking to the silence.

i too agree that a week is just not long enough. it takes almost three days to really filter oneself out. but within a week you really can go home with what i call a "song in your heart"

God's shalom.. and silence, -g

p soup

Hi!! (that's all, just Hi!!) :)

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