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October 02, 2007



love n hugs

birth & life & death
rock n roll & love & heaven

it is in the holding each other
and the soothing of each others souls
that we find the solace
and the love of God
that passes all understanding

thinking of you

Tony Myles

A gift indeed.

Sharon Snavely


as always the lewin family is in your prayers. God bless you now and always.

j,s,j,and j


I was surprised at how tired I was in the weeks after losing my dad (very recently.) I will pray that you have the energy you need for your travels and that you find refreshment there as well.

Sandy Croucher

Lill (and Lewin crew):

Sorry I've been out of touch up in NE Ohio. I was thinking about all you guys last weekend (I'm normally at Youth Specialties during the big OSU/Michigan game) and thought I'd google your blog to catch up. Sounds like your fall has been very rough. Prayers and hugs to you all this Thanksgiving and always.



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