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March 09, 2008



Lilly, what DID I do before I "knew" you?
My Lent having been completely derailed by life (except for the resolution that middle son and I made to hold each other accountable for one piece of I've given up bitching about my husband to my kids, while middle son has given up being horrible to his brother (mainly by not talking to him, but it's a start!!) ) I was much comforted by this...and excited by the book you recommend too.
Thanks for posting - and blessings for the final burst of Lent too :-) xx


Hmmm...I didn't know there was a new Anne Rice book coming out. I'll have to watch Audible for it. I read...well listened to the other one and found it to be enjoyable.

I really enjoy some books in audio format and that was one that really kept my attention...probably more than a physical book if I am being honest.


Hey Lilly,

Good to "see" you! Let me know what you think of the new Anne Rice book. I loved the first one, but I've heard mixed reviews about this offering...

Grace and Peace,

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