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March 11, 2008



oh so rhett butler's people gets better? i've dozed off trying to read the first few flashbacks. i haven't made it past 50 yet which is very discouraging. gone with the wind was my first "grown-up novel" when i was a young reader and i've been enamored ever since. i've even read a bunch of stuff on margaret mitchell and been to the museum but i'm having a really hard time connecting with this book.

j  a  n

hi... i'm jan and i'm a bookaholic, too. :-) I actually enjoyed the Road to Cana more than the first one, and I agree with your observations. Loved the entire conversation with Satan. I thought she had some amazing insights. I wrote a review back at my blog, too, if you're interested.

But now I have to go check out the other recommendations you made...


I read Rhett Butler's People while at my cousin's house near Atlanta over Thanksgiving. I enjoyed it and also heard it was better than the novel, Scarlett. Just read The Secret Life of Bees on my recent trip south. Found out the author is from just outside my hometown.

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