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May 06, 2008


Heidi Renee

nice to read your words again lil!


I was grateful to stuble on to your blog. I started writing a blog in great part so I could appreciate the abundance we experience on a daily basis with our young sons. I feel very fortunate for the richness in our life. And it has less to do with financial or material abundance as it has to do with a full relational quality within our family. For that, I am very grateful.

Larry Bourgeois

I was excited to see that you went to Cafe Gratitude in San Francisco. Have you seen the book that written by the founders of Cafe Gratitude. It is a book that I/we are discussing with others at 1801 Mills. Jon Lewis, the barista/coffee roaster from Idaho, and our dear friend, is also reading and reflecting on the book and the concepts of Cafe Gratitude(s). Some of that core thought will emerge into the Habitat for Community program that we are launching... coffeehouses, not for profit enterprises, that are all about "gratitude and celebration and conversation"

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