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Foreverwood, Part 1 full night
Monday 8/7c
Nina tells Hannah that she knows Andy bought a ring for her. more...

falling for

Find out why Everwood's Chris Pratt compares kissing to a train wreck.
one on

Everwood's Sarah Drew opens up about sex, Bright, and her inner geek.
find out about

Gregory Smith wants to help you decide on the right college!

Treat Williams
"Dr. Andrew Brown"

Gregory Smith
"Ephram Brown"

Emily VanCamp
"Amy Abbott"

Debra Mooney
"Edna Harper"

John Beasley
"Irv Harper"

Vivien Cardone
"Delia Brown"

Chris Pratt
"Bright Abbott"

Stephanie Niznik
"Nina Feeney"

Merrilyn Gann
"Rose Abbott"

Scott Wolf
"Dr. Jake Hartman"

Sarah Drew
"Hannah Rogers"

Tom Amandes
"Dr. Harold Abbott"

Justin Baldoni
"Reid Bardem"

Pepper Dennis
Pepper Dennis
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