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Sacred Space
S  A  C  R  E  D     S  P  A  C  E
We invite you to make a 'Sacred Space' in your day,
and spend ten minutes, praying here and now, as you sit at your computer,
with the help of on-screen guidance and scripture chosen specially every day.

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Something to think and pray about this week:

In the last month of pregnancy, a young mother becomes more and more preoccupied with the child she carries. In Ireland she may hear the old blessing: God be with you both. She is more careful of herself, of her food and drink, her habits, and the daily hazards of living. She feels the movement of the child in her, exploring its comfortable ambiance, and starting to listen to the sounds of the womb, the mother’s heart-beat and the music and noises that penetrate to her womb. So it was in Nazareth, as Mary kept house and lived in expectation. This was how the Lord was entering our world, as Alice Meynell wrote:
No sudden thing of glory and fear
Was the Lord’s coming; but the dear
Slow Nature’s days followed each other
To form the Saviour from His Mother
—One of the children of the year.

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It might seem strange to pray at your computer, in front of a screen, especially if there are other people around you, or distracting noises. But God is everywhere, all around us, constantly reaching out to us, even in the most unlikely situations. When we know this, and with a bit of practice, we can pray anywhere!

The following pages will guide you through a session of prayer, in six stages, including preparing your body and mind, and culminating in reflection on a scripture passage chosen specially for the day. The stages are:
The Presence of God



The Word


Although they are written in the first person -- "I" -- the prayers are for doing, rather than for reading out. Each stage is a kind of exercise or meditation aimed at helping you get in touch with God, and God's presence in your life.

At any of the stages, click on 'Prayer Guide' for explanation, guidance and other helps to prayer, from modern Jesuit writers.

Clicking 'Amen' on the last stage takes you to an 'end page'.

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When we pray, we are never alone
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