lunch with bob

okay. nice guy. Robert E Webber bought my lunch today. Had a great conversation, mostly listening to him and others talk about rhizomic growth.
Laci gave me, Robert W and Brian M and storyteller Jim Friedrich a ride to the airport where fun conversations continued ranging from orthodoxy to wheaton. :)

more later; i'm going to go process some digital photos.

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WALP, upon leaving Asbury

still tired some twelve hours since my last post :)
but my heart is filled to overflowing. what a rich time; what faithful followers in the way of Christ. what artistry, what engaged giftedness, what boldness, what questions! what truth-in-love.
coming back to my methodist roots (the gathering was held at Asbury Theological Seminary in Wilmore, KY.) was a great backdrop for the rich ecumenicism I found this week. We got to sit at the feet of holy women and men from myriad traditions: Mennonite, Eastern Orthodox, Baptist, Anabaptist, evangelical, Anglican, Charismatic-turned-Presbyterian, house-churched, Roman Catholic, ancient AND future, young AND old, plain AND beautiful, quiet AND loud, male AND female, African AND Irish (and Norwegian, and Australian/Kiwi, and American, and Asian, English, etc.,)

"happy and sad together"

this morning we heard from Joe Meyers (the Lewins were singing his praises yesterday, so I chose to listen in to his "Creating Sacred Spaces" dialogue. He offered more of a schema and metaphor for dealing with thoughts surrounding sacred space. I'm sure there were many in the room wanting something he wasn't about to give: prescriptive (perhaps universal) worship plans yielding success of some sort. Instead (thank you Joe!) he offered the model of an Organic Order, wherein project-centric, life-measured, collaborative actions replace (usurp?) representative, bottom-line-oriented, cooperative efforts. The latter model was tagged 'master plan' (think Monsanto), the former 'organic order' (think grassroots one-acre-at-a-time organic farming). a nice chart came out of the talk, one which i think i'll reprint for you once i get back to my (real) Mac.

Img_0583then it was off to global multi-ethnic praise led by Corey Nelson; and Claude Nikondeha giving an inspiring talk on Justice and Worship. Lily pointed out, and I agree, that it should have led off the week, instead of staging it on the very last session when so many were already hitting the proverbial spoke to themes of global south, post-colonialism, justice-in-practice, and more.

The eucharist was shared. It was a very strong time of unity among the group. I want to get my hands on some of the resources from the week, and plan to. more on that later.

Corey said something to the effect of: "you may be asking why this table cloth is too big for this table; perhaps instead we should ask ourselves if our table is too small."

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walp, third evening

so it's 3:00 AM on day four. Michael and i are still up talking (this time about all sorts of stuff). what can i report today?

  • the cohort breakfast thing never really materialized; neither did the blogger lunch; but i got to talk to lots of these people nonetheless... more on that soon.
  • fr. thomas hopko provided counterpoint to maggi d; both were excellent and are needed voices. i've been fighting technology all week long, a mess of cables, battery-life-monitoring, deadweightinmymessengerbag kind of thing... this should be two bullet points, i now see.
  • i'm tired because it's late.
  • please take a moment to check out my 2005 WALP photo gallery, in progress..
  • had a great lunch (again, i'm talking about the people, the conversation, not the food being great, per se. i ramble.), at the whistle stop in willmore. all these folks i've emailed and who've emailed me: the lewins: hudson, lily, rob; jason clark, michael howes, maggi dawn, spencer burke, doug pagitt, Michael Combs (who was keeping the other end of the table in stitches) um, I know I'm forgetting some. sorry. did i mention it was late? enough namedropping. or whatever.
  • spent the afternoon at an impromtu drum circle. played some guitar (and djembe, sort of), and watched all these new friends as we made some amazing music together. re-met shannon h. from irving, tx (i just googled her name: did u know she has a Bachelor of Music in Percussion Performance! cool). John Mortensen, what a talented guy.
  • geoff holsclaw and a whole raft of us ate chinese food in lexington for dinner. or supper, or whatever you call it in kentucky. lemon chicken. steamed rice. so we got to really talk about church plants, cohorts, dreams of the future for both of us, and the at-times underwhelming present. an instantly likable guy,.. met yet another michael and friend dan from decatur, GA. I need to start capturing last names. the ride back to WALP was a trip.
  • got back for an amazing, amazing creation-centric worship experience by heidi m yoder & crew. my camera was out by this time, so no photos. then got to hear robert e webber again. never tire of that. he was one of my on-ramp guides to this conversation years ago. jason clark has notes posted here.
  • then a group of us went back to the Waffle House and stayed up too late and laughed and talked and Michael prayed a beautiful prayer and we all learned about tatoos and then before you know it 'friends new and friends old' were disappearing back into the night via rides arranged and the Hampton Inn South denizens hoofed across the parking lot and here I am typing at 3:47 am. Luckily I fly tomorrow and can possibly sleep on the plane. Who knows.
  • I realize I'm just typing ephemera, but not a lot of meat. I really want to write about spiritual formation a la McLaren, intentional community a la Willzhead, some creative colaborations that may be in the works with Mike Crawford, a new and fresh vision for being the hands and feet of Jesus out in the abandoned places; and then thinking about art and aesthetics and 'thin places' and much more. but, it is almost 4 now, and i must wake up at 7:15.
  • I'll try and sort out more over the next few days or weeks, and post them here.
  • i've never taken the time to say this, but thanks for taking the time to read soupablog.

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WALP, second evening

what a full day. No time to 'splain: let me sum up.

  • breakfast at hampton inn south. ride to WALP with padgitt and will samson; got to overhear their stimulating conversation about venture capital versus philanthropic capital and that the latter model might be the best-suited for EC funding rounds for project-based works. cool stuff. nicely over my head since it deals with the business world, that magical realm into which i cannot enter.
  • brian mclaren talked on worship as spiritual formation, and listed ten practices of public worship: Ritual, Inconvenience, Association, Speed, Hospitality, Attentiveness, Generosity, Modeling, Justice & Mercy, Catholicity.
  • Tribe led worship.
  • Saw Michael Howes give an engaging and well-paced discussion on excercising creative patience when attempting to affect worship change in a church you didn't plant.
  • ate lunch by myself and fell into AllergyLand™ whereupon I needed large amounts of Claritin® and Advil® washed down by A&W® Vanilla Cream Soda™.
  • Watched Lily Lewin bring us up to speed on Celtic Spirituality. Dispelled some myths, Broadened our scope and appreciation, and through it got to know Lily better.
  • Saw Kevin Rolly self-curate his Stations of the Cross and then did a one-man performance/painting where he revealed a 15th 'station' - the resurrection.
  • had a great conversation and laughs with Michael Crawford, Tim Samoff Will S, Laci, and some other new friends, Troy and Mike talked music. Will and Mike and I discussed the phenomenon of our wives not always being on the same page within the conversation. And how difficult that can be on a marriage.
  • We got turned around on the ride back into Willmore
  • ALmost missed part of Maggi Dawn. But didn't caught it all.
  • tried to set up a Cohort breakfast tonorrow morning early with Geoff H. But my chances of getting a ride that early are slim. I might hang around in the lobby in the AM and see if anyone's heading that way.
  • the laptop isn't being nice, and i'm tired, so i''ll post more p=hotos tomorrow. - paul

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WALP, first evening

here back in the hotel rm after the first evening. i need to be disciplined about this blogging-frequently-thing or i'll slack on posting completely. Let's see: i hung around hampton inn south most of the 5 o'clock hour, getting the wi-fi set up on rob's loaner G4 laptop (thanks, rob) ... michael came up shortly thereafter (via louisville); he found us our first ride: and it was none other than will samson (willzhead)... so on the ride out of town to asbury, we got to enjoy a bit of will's insights. and some amazing rolling hills.and got to listen a little to michael on cedar ridge, and  will on his new venture -- he's moving to none other than lexington, ky. i'm sure a trip to his blog will fill in more.

Img_0460i sat next to and befriended tonight's speaker. Sister Rose Pacatte is charming and spot-on when it comes to a working praxis of intergration of media and faith. i came out of my shell a little when she asked me to be her score-keeper for the contest she was holding. She asked a question tonight that I believe goes deeper if one allows some time to soak it in: "What’s the personal dynamic between God and us when we’re watching media?"

Sr. Rose took the group through a number of film clips, some provocative, some moving. And we looked for God therein. I took some notes which I'll clean up and post soon.

Img_0459Worship was led by Yesha Praise! (the exclamation mark is part of their name); it's always fun watching a room full of predominately white folk try to get the twos - and - fours of backbeat gospel clapping started.

I was really happy to run into Michael Crawford (Jacob's Well, the Spin, Builder, Flat Earth Records, et al), but bummed to find out he's staying at the 'other' hotel. Hopefully we'll be able to catch up this week. TIm Keel, it turns out, is not here this week after all.

What else? Ran into and finally met in person Geoff Holsclaw (Chicago up:rooted) Michael and another Michael (Combs, who went to Baylor Truett and went to high school at Alamo Heights, the selfsame school district in which I currently reside) went to El Chico. I won't rant on Mexican food in Kentucky, but needless to say, I wasn't in San Antonio any more. Now Michael's up working on his tomorrow presentation, and I'm trying to fulfull my blog role to anyone who isn't at WALP but wishes they were.

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well, i'm on my way to WALP: WORSHIP, ART, LITURGY & PREACHING in the Emerging Culture.
I've been waiting for a year for this. I'll get there on Monday afternoon. I'll be blogging remotely, God-willing. But first I gotta go to a campout at Canyon Lake where I'm organizing a sort of Amazing Race parody for a bunch of 8 year olds and their dads. THANK YOU to everyone who contributed to my trip. You know who you are. peaceout

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for the first time in what seems like 2 or 3 years, I'd like to think God handed me a song tonight. It is a simple little waltz-like setting of the benediction found in Jude, one of those simple almost-like-taking-dictation type of compositions --  it just flowed.. i left it as a voicemail message on my phone so i'd be sure not to forget the melody. i'm going to teach it to some folks on sunday morning at church.

which reminds me, i really want to get my classical (nylon-stringed) guitar out again. i'm tired of steel strings.

all 4 now.  zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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it's been a while since i've posted here. sorry. hope you had a blessed easter. i've been busy. thinking about worship, growing the sapling cohort; teaching myself flash and action scripting; building a flash website for a sunday school class at the church i'm still attending (not ready to hyperlink it), going thru Generous Orthodoxy book group with Waldemar and Casey, leading worship for the same s/s class (thank you highway video); working hard at work, emceeing a concert in austin (i know: me emceeing?! what up with that?); preparing for upcoming travel, helping clients meet their goals, spending great time with my kids (jordan and I took a road trip to visit a rock shop north of town only to find out they're closed on mondays! ack. we'll return soon! he and I are both rock hounds); watching abigail and kate be good big sisters to little emma (aka emma bimma, or bim, or immer essend). this morning I checked out this cool website on star wars figures dioramas. i thought my hoth diorama in elementary school was cool. but this rocks.

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crowded house loses co-founder

excerpts: 46-year-old Paul Hester, who formed the popular rock group Crowded House with singer Neil Finn and bass player Nick Seymour in 1985, was found [dead] in Elsternwick Park .... Investigators have been able to rule out foul play, saying instead that Hester took his own life. Authorities claim he "attempted suicide" .... could not confirm various news reports suggesting Hester's body was found hanging from a tree..... speaking from London, where he's currently on tour, Neil Finn said he was devastated by the death. "I have lost one of my best mates.......

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This entry is more for my own future recall than anything. So you can ignore. Sorry.

I went back to research my blogiversary: Saturday, February 22, 2002; but I've only been blogging fairly regularly since March 31 of 2003. I switched to Typepad and christened the site soupablog on April 10, 2004.

here's a scrapbook reference:

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banana man strikes again

we spent the morning shooting bananaman for U-TURN. partial gallery on right. photos by stacy thomas and raquel savage. cameron was the driver, and i was the reluctant, overweight, overripe fruit.

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Est Deus in Nobis

check out > Snapshots of symbol and sacrament

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spacewarp 5000

Sw5000_1Oh yeah. This is all I want for my birthday. Astute friends and relatives who read soupablog should band together on this one! With a name like Spacewarp5000™ you know it's gotta be kewel. if you're a Lego geek like myself, you might remember in the late 80s BanDai came out with this build-it-yourself marble run 'roller coaster.' ... Circa 1990, I was hooked. I majorly geeked over this thing, had one set up in my dorm room, and left it 'on' 24/7; it provided a little white noise in the background while I sweated over my senior design portfolio.

Anyway, it went off the market until recently. Now it's re-released in Japan. Arrrgh. So close.

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what's my deal?

i blink and miss everything. this weekend rudy carrasco was in town; luci shaw, eugene peterson AND richard foster were right up the road at laity lodge. and i'm here bacheloring it, playing around with a model train set when i could have hit the road and engaged. arrrrgh.

for you sports fans, it's like taking a nap and waking up to find you missed lance armstrong, shaquille o'neal, jeff gordon and tiger woods, all who knocked on your front door en masse and wanted to know if you could come out and play.

or something.

Without regret
The slug--how he melts
(the psalmist tells us) as he flows
over stones, painting
a trail of light
that leads me nowhere
I want to go.

The snake writes his way
through scrub, bruising no whisker
of fiber. Only a line like a finger
drawing on sand.
In spring an empty
silver sleeve shapes the air.

Glass has no memory. Drops
track down and vanish,
leaving no stain.
Every year winter shrivels, white
tissue paper in a flame.
No one minds.

--Luci Shaw

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Stanley Grenz (1950 - 2005)

Stan, you will be missed. You had a way of filling the room with passion for God.Now you get to experience the presence of Him.

click here to read a remembrance from brian mclaren.

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beside this great reverse

           How shallow former shadows seem beside this great reverse,

           As darkness swallows up the light of all the universe.

           Creation shivers at the shock, the temple rends its veil.

           A pallid stilness stifles time and nature's motions fail.

           This is no mid-day fantasy, no flight of fevered brain.

           With vengeance awful, grim, and real, chaos is come again.

           The hands that formed us from the soil are nailed upon the cross.

           The Word that gave us life and breath expires in utter loss.

           Yet deep within this darkness lives a Love so fierce and free,

           That arcs all voids and risk supreme! embraces agony.

            Its perfect testament is etched in iron, blood, and wood.

            With awe we glimpse its true import and dare to call it good.

Carl P. Daw, Jr

thanks to my mom for sending this to me. their church's choir is practicing this piece for maundy thursday.

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let this one slip


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the real living God

you need to go to sacramentis and check out (and purchase)  jorie mcInnis' new CD, the real living God. not just because i designed the packaging. because it's a really good CD -- well-produced, possibly one of the first accessible music projects to come from within the emergent tent.


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walp ulp


through a whole lotta grace from spiky-haired betsy and a whole lotta generosity from now-goateed michael [both worship denizens of cedar ridge CC], it looks like i have a place to stay at WALP. i'll be mike's roomie!

which brings up the whole mike howes thing. it turns out WALP presenter michael howes is the selfsame mike howes that i went to baylor with.  i just ended a sentence with a preposition; if you can handle that, I'll continue. we were at baylor in the dark ages, when books and pens were made out of rocks. mike hails from louisiana, makes a mean gumbo and has an artistic symmetry to his gestures.

it's a smallworldafterall. or, serendipity doo dah.

are you wealthy? bored? do you wanna donate $100 to my WALP flight fund? or my WALP registration fund? email me for my paypal account.

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Tony Jones has a way with words

....Emergent's role is likely a temporary one: to carve out a space in the institutional Christian church for artists, lovers, and mystics to take it the next step. We're using words, publishing, and logical arguments; they'll use dreams, art, and beauty....

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Nooma Nooma Dance, Revisited

Cleave at one of my favorite blogs -- PoMoMuSiNgs -- let us know that the Times has chronicled the backstory behind the Nooma Nooma Dance / Dragostea Din Tei homemade video.

Read about it here.

Revel in the video (SWF) one more time here.


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WALP deadline is coming up. I was eating lunch with Cliff yesterday and found myself saying that if my housing and travel didn't line up I might not go. That was the first time I had really allowed that possibility. I need to go look into cheaper travel and lodging options. Cause I relly think i should be there. I'll let you know.

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Emigre 68

This just out.

American_muttEmigre 68 is available now; should prove to be a good read: a 34,940-word, 128-page (and only $12) "ambitious and reckless and impassioned" essay by David Barringer titled "American Mutt Barks in the Yard" --  Emigre calls it an "indepth, critical analysis of design and advertising" and I predict it will become a Big Thing in design circles this year.

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non-sequitur of the week


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baby emma


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let's see

adjusting to kiddo number four is similar to adjusting to number three. you just need to find your new normal. periphery like painting, poetry, songwriting, thinking gets put on hold, and a little more hibernation, hunkering down, stoking the home fires, changing diapers; all these good things.

it allows one to reject the false self and embrace reality a bit more.

you see past the hollow man you've constructed and in simple acts we all become re-oriented.

sweet rose dropped by with a hand-knitted cap and blanket. she's been working on it for a while in the grey texas winter. everyone's been bringing by meals, and sharing in our joy. newbiggin would say this is the very definition of community / the hermeneutic of the gospel. i think i'd agree.

i'm back at work; went to the local addy awards this weekend. they've lost their shine to be sure. our studio swept the awards again, but it didn't really matter to me one bit. vanity, vanity....


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N-Gauging culture

our present home in san antonio had a garage until it was converted into a bedroom for my son. but the finish-out left a remaining little 5 x 10 (or so) mini-room with an exterior door letting out on the side yard. remodeling leftovers.

this has become my train room.

ah, yes: something you didn't know about me. for almost ten years now, i've been working sporadically on an N-gauge steam-era model train layout. a very modern and colonialist enterprise i fear.i don't have much to show for it, since i ripped up most of my progress about a year ago and haven't had much time to start over.

Mikadotoday i had a spare hour or so while the baby was sleeping, and jordan and i finally completed the track circuit and connected the track to the transformer and slowly revved up the power on my mikado locomotive ... apart from some uneven track and some specks of ballast/gravel in the way,  it fired right up... now that it's back in business, i can rebuild my mountain

some guys are really into the train part of it. engine numbers, trainspotting, authentic consists, accurate reproductions. i'm really into the creating space and playing god part of it. building up mountains out of newspaper and hydro-cal, placing and the replacing a city block, tracing hiking trails with a finger, planting trees on a whim, trying to make a believe-able rock wall in miniature; trying to mix paint and stain colors that will look like weathered barn lumber; aging a pristine, plastic locomotive with a stick of chalk; drizzling dark rivulets of ink down a hillside. this all gives me the same participatory satisfaction i receive when painting, songwriting, penning verse, shooting photos.

just wanted to share.


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i like typepad more and more.

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WALP - Roomie Needed

i either need to find a roommate for the worship + art + liturgy & preaching conference, or else i ned to rent a minivan and camp there the whole time. anyone going wanna talk about affordable housing options?

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lenten devotional 04

the lengthening of days

in the last 24 hours i was able to observe and coach and celebrate the birth of my fourth child.

san antonio felt its first touch of springtime weather today. "life finds a way"

it reminded me that Lent is a time to get real, to get simple, to get back to springtime labors and then to rest in the hushed conversations around the hearth, to pray, to fast, to meet others' needs, to hit the wall of our humanity and be faced with the divine Other -- to have a right view of God and man.

days are now growing longer.

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