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Also known as "Coemgen," the name "Kevin" signifies "fair-begotten." Find out more: Catholic Online Saints Catholic Encyclopedia and Sacred and St. Kevin's Parish, ON, CA and Patron Saints Index.

Image of an Orthodox icon of Kevin, including information

Hymn to St. Kevin
Images of St. Kevin's Chapel and Well be found on Megalithomania.

St. Kevins' Kitchen can be found at

E-Postcard of St Kevin's Church at Glendalough
A lighthearted look at St. Kevin, including ways to celebrate his Day 

A look at Wicklow and Glendlough

About Kevin from
Monastic Ireland

  These are a few of the sources I came across when researching St. Kevin. If you know of any sites that you think would be appropriate here, please let me know. (Also, since updating all the links on this site would be a full-time job, my apologies in advance for any that are out of date.)


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